Count on these tasty treats to give you a rollercoaster wave of emotions.

1. Sweet Serendipity

Destiny calls and you’re about to meet the person who can make your heart skip a beat. That feeling is as sweet as The Dessert Museum’s cake pops. Take these fun, sugary treats as an sign of happier times ahead.

2. A Fresh Start

Spending V-day on your own? Take this time to take care of yourself by ordering the healthy Summer Chicken Salad at Blue Jay Coffee. Enjoy fresh lettuce, grapes, and delectable chicken pops, tossed in balsamic dressing. Not only does this salad feed the appetite, but it also feeds the soul.

3. Something Cheesy

Still can’t get over that pick up line? Complete the cheesy moment with a piece of Blugre Coffee’s Red Velvet Cake. This dessert is made with luscious cream cheese for that heartwarming feeling.

4. Classic Romance

You can never go wrong with a date at The Old Spaghetti House. You and your significant other would definitely fall for their Seafood Marinara. The pasta is al dente, covered in oozing marinara sauce, and complemented by tender shrimps and clams.

5. Feels Like Home 

Being with someone you like gives you the warm, cozy and familiar feeling. It’s like a sip from a warm cup of Caramel Macchiato that lifts the mood and caresses the soul. Invite the love of your life over for this real coffee goodness at Caffe Bene.

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