5 Desserts to Make Your Valentine’s Date Extra Sweet

You can never be too sweet during Valentine’s Day! While a box of chocolates might be the classic option, you can always go for something new.

Good thing there are limitless Valentine’s Day desserts for you to choose from. Whether you are a big fan of ice-cold treats or you prefer luscious pastries, there are surely cafés and restaurants that offer exactly what you want.

Here are some Valentine’s Day dessert ideas and food tips to help you plan the ultimate date.

1. Mango Cheese Bingsu by Hobing Korean Dessert Café

A magical combination of finely shaved ice, golden mango slices, creamy cheesecake bites, thick condensed milk, and a towering swirl of whipped cream is what you are in for when you order this best-selling Mango Cheese Bingsu. It looks as good as it sounds, too! You and your S.O. can share a single bowl for a more intimate experience.

2. Strawberry Basil Ice Cream by Merry Moo

Merry Moo combines the unique flavor profile of basil with the sweet, fruity taste of strawberry to create a dessert unlike any other. A spoonful of this silky Strawberry Basil Ice Cream is all you need to make an already beautiful date even better! This “udderly” delicious treat is available in pints or scoops.

3. Tiramisu Mille Crepe Cake by Paper Moon

Imagine paper-thin layers of coffee and cream-infused pancakes stacked up high—that’s what you get when you try Paper Moon’s famous Tiramisu Crepe Cake. It’s everything you’d want in a dessert and more!

4. Bibingka Cheesecake by Le Sucre Lab

Baked with cheddar cheese and salted egg, this sinful creation is not your regular cheesecake. If you and your partner are into traditional Pinoy desserts, you’d certainly fall in love with this modern take on a FIlipino classic!

5. Cranberry & White Chocolate Chunk by Ben’s Cookies

If you think cookies can’t get any better, think again. Ben’s Cookies’ Cranberry & White Chocolate Chunk cookies are speckled with bright red berries and delicate blocks of creamy white chocolate. Paired with wine, coffee, or tea, this baked creation will surely add an air of romance to your evening.

Desserts taste a million times sweeter when shared with the person you love the most. Make sure to bookmark these suggestions so you won’t end up unprepared, fumbling, and not having a clue where to go. PSA: February 14 is only a few days away!

Thumbnail and header image credit: @merrymooicecream | ig

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