1. Le Petit Souffle 

The rich and cozy ambience of Le Petit Souffle makes for a perfect café. Its menu is embedded with French and Japanese fusions that’s best if you want to try something new. Order their Madagascar Vanilla Latte to get a sweet kick of caffeine.

2. The French Baker

The French Baker may be your familiar favorite because it’s one of the best bakeries around. They’re known for their delectable pastries and Italian and French comfort food. For a good meal, partner their Cafe Macchiato with their Primavera Pasta.

3. Bo’s Coffee

Homegrown coffee beans are at the heart of Bo’s Coffee menu. Their Benguet Sunrise, proudly Filipino, is French-pressed and made with freshly brewed Benguet Coffee that is just right to greet the morning.

4. Café France

What does your breakfast tray need? It should give you the perfect amount of energy that’ll help you get through the day. At Café France, your breakfast tray will include freshly brewed coffee, premium orange juice, fresh fruit plate, and your choice of bread with butter and strawberry jam together with your chosen main dish. (We love the Frankfurter and Egg!)

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