4 desserts to cap off a bitter day

Life sucks, we get it, but at least you can eat your feelings

If I see you crying on your bed while eating a whole tub of ice cream, I’ll judge you. And no, not because you’re crying (that’s my daily mood, TBH), but because you’re eating ice cream. I mean, really—ice cream? That’s so last year.

If you’re going to have another crying session soon, why not try other comfort desserts? Mark my words, they’re just as good as ice cream, if not better.

Buko Pandan ala Mode from Gerry’s Grill

Comfort dessert: Buko pandan
Buko Pandan ala Mode from Gerry’s Grill

Buko pandan contains sabaw ng buko (or coconut water as your bougie friends call it) and buko meat which may help with your anxiety. Coconut’s been note to ease emotional imbalances you may be experiencing at the moment. Plus, pandan has detoxifying components that can flush out the body’s toxins. Imagine crying while eating buko pandan—that’s basically emotional and physical detox in one.

Halo-Halo from Razon’s

Comfort dessert: Halo-halo
Halo Halo from Razon’s

This three-ingredient halo-halo is literally the epitome of comfort food. Sweetened bananas give your body an extra boost of energy and increase your brain power. It helps with PMS (shout out to all the ladies), stress and anemia as well. Razon’s halo-halo also has macapuno (jelly-like coconut strips) which helps with mental fatigue. And the leche flan on top just gives you more reasons to love this dessert.

Crispy Leche Flan from Mesa

Comfort dessert: Crispy leech flan
Crispy Leche Flan from Mesa

Crispy leche flan is your favorite milk custard wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. Best thing about this comfort dessert is that you won’t need a spoon to eat it. Eating with fingers is scientifically proven to be better than eating with utensils. Some have claimed that your fingers have normal bacteria called flora. It’s a harmless bacteria that helps improve your digestion and protects your body from bad microbes. (Just please make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before putting it anywhere near your mouth or heaven forbid…)

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