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You don’t need fancy items or lavish travels to experience the sweet life. Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can genuinely cheer us up. When your day goes bland or bitter, try following our tips below for a sweeter life:


Try something out of your comfort zone

There’s no better feeling than finally trying something that you’ve never done before. Cross out your bucket list and start doing something you’ve always been putting off for a while. Do something as extreme as going surfing for the first time or something as simple as tasting an unexpected food combination like Maxi Mango’s Mango Ube.


Go on a cheesy romantic date

Admit it or not, we all secretly want a cheesy date like we’re in a romcom chick flick. Finally ask your crush or SO out. Go to the arcade, indulge in some fine dining, or simply chill with a Mango Keso treat from Maxi Mango. Life is definitely sweeter when shared with a special someone.


Reward yourself with a heavenly treat

No accomplishment is too small for a treat! Tiny victories can be the beginning of something big. Be proud and celebrate your hard work with a delectable Mango Float from Maxi Mango.

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All images: @maximangoph | ig