3 ingredients that will change the way we bake

Have you ever baked cakes using rose water?

Flour, eggs, baking powder—we know the basics that every newbie baker must have in their pantries. But did anyone tell you about these alternatives to common baking ingredients that can speed up your baking process and make your pastries even tastier?

Alkalized cocoa powder

Kessler’s Alkalized Cocoa Powder, available at All About Baking

If you love dark chocolate, try replacing natural cocoa powder with its alkalized alternative. Also called Dutch-processed cocoa powder, this type of cocoa powder has a more mellow and natural earthy taste that brings out a stronger chocolatey flavor from the alkalization process it goes through. It also reduces the cocoa powder’s acidity and makes its darker.

We recommend Kessler’s Alkalized Cocoa Powder, whose 3kg pack you can score at a 10% discount in All About Baking stores nationwide until June 30, 2021. The cocoa pods used for Kessler’s Alkalized Cocoa Powder are grown in West Africa and handpicked before being fermented to achieve a rich, chocolatey taste.

Rolled fondant

Bakers who have sculpted or decorated cakes and pastries have surely worked with fondant at one point. While you can make it at home using sugar, water and corn syrup or powdered sugar and melted marshmallows, you can purchase pre-rolled fondant to skip the process of rolling the fondant’s dough form.

The DLA Rolled Fondant is available in red, black and white colors in 1kg packs at Superbake Baking Supply stores. This ready-made fondant is made of high-quality rolled sugar paste that is elastic and flavorful, making covering cakes easier and less time-consuming. 

Rose water

You’ve probably heard of rose water as a skincare must-have, but did you know that it can be a baking ingredient, too? 

This flavored water can be an alternative to vanilla and infused in whipped or pastry cream for cakes, cookies and tarts. It adds a delicate floral aroma and flavor that can make your baked products sweeter. You can also try pairing it with fruits, especially berries. 

Purchase a bottle of fragrant rose water from All About Baking stores nationwide and try this ingredient for yourself now.

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