Should we still be staying at home?

Unless it’s an urgent matter, stay home

With several COVID-19 vaccines near the final stages of testing, the world waits with bated breath hoping that this might spell the end of the health crisis that’s been holding us hostage for almost a full year now. 

As someone who’s been shut in at home for nine months and counting, I can tell you that while you can accomplish a remarkable amount of work while sheltering in place, it is a poor substitute for actually getting out and doing things. I can only rewatch every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so many times before it starts to wear thin. And yes, I’m almost willing to bet that I can draw the patterns on my walls from memory now.


Honestly, introverted tendencies notwithstanding, this whole ordeal has been thoroughly unpleasant; it’s  like being stuck in a time loop. But despite feeling like I’m ready to start bouncing off the walls, I believe that people should still stay at home for as long as necessary unless you need to do something absolutely critical to life and health, like buying medication or getting that crucial checkup. 

After all, with so many calamities rendering people homeless, it’s quite a blessing to have a home to shelter in, no matter the cabin fever it induces. And with the virus still lurking out there, it’s important to keep jaunts outside to an absolute minimum as a way to help curb what could potentially be another disastrous situation. Thankfully though, it’s never been easier to ring up someone if you just want to talk, or pick up something nice online for yourself—you’ve earned it. 

Really though, it’s never been easier to find things to gift people I care about or keep for myself as it has been the last decade. It’s very much the age of the smart shopper in multiple senses; not only does the internet let people make better-informed decisions by looking up things they might want to buy, it also makes the act of ordering and purchasing trivial. Hop on an online shopping platform or and you get much the same experience as a casual jaunt outside, just sans the long transit times and getting elbows in your side. It’s all the fun of window shopping, just with less hassle.

With the holidays just round the corner, it really is the perfect time to treat yourself a bit. We could all stand to take our minds off stressful events for a while, and don’t let anyone tell you that you haven’t earned it.

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