one of the coolest couples around, but Mike Concepcion and Jess Connelly don’t let the public’s fascination unfaze them. They’re busy with work, caught up with their passions, and having a lot of fun together to think about their aspirational status. The most recent fun thing they did? Take a trip to Paris, soak up its fashion and music scene, and, yes, take a couple selfie there while riding a ferris wheel. They’re 20-somethings after all.

Mike made a name as one of the most enterprising youths in the fashion scene, with his concept stores Ronnie & Joe and Commonwealth raising the bar in retail fashion, and his company promises even more new concepts in the pipeline. “We’re growing quite well, and we want to continue the progress,” he says. Jess, meanwhile, is deep in the independent music scene, creating and producing new tracks, performing at gigs, and currently producing video content that she’s excited to release to the public. “Just working on bringing everything to the next level,” she sums it all up.

A tech shift

Both creative—and both Geminis— Mike and Jess prove they’re the product of their times with their liberal use of technology in their work. Though Jess still relies on the pen-and-paper songwriting method, she’s learned how to do recordings at home and simply e-mail her vocal tracks to her producers for speed and efficiency. “I’d like to make the easiest beat-making app,” she reveals. “It’d be more straightforward to use than the already existing beat-making machines out there.” On Mike’s part, technology naturally helps run his business smoothly, with his stores’ point of sale, communications, and surveillance systems, plus the touchscreen projectors for his brands’ visual storytelling. If he could, he’d invent a gadget with a mini-projector for times when he’d like to present a video to someone immediately. “That’d be really cool, and it’s probably in the imminent future.”

Keeping it real

However, they don’t take the social media hype world seriously. “We think we know someone so much from their Instagram or Snapchat that when we meet them, it’s like we have nothing more to say,” Mike says. “We get too consumed by social media that we lose touch with what’s really going on.” As for Jess, “Instagram trends and fake online personas—where people feel if they post in a certain style, they automatically become a certain type—are my pet peeves.” Lack of original thought also frustrates her, a woman who definitely marches to her own beat. “Jess designs her own path and she’s confident about it,” Mike confirms. “She has her own style and way of seeing things. That’s what I like the most about her.” Returning the favor, Jess singles out her boyfriend’s best traits: “His mind and values; his looks are just a bonus.” Yep, they’re cool like that. But more importantly, they’re simply keeping it real.


Mike Jess
Most used app Fantastical Instagram
First app you check in the morning WhatsApp WhatsApp
Last person you spoke to on the phone Jess Mike
Most stylish person on Instagram @jessconnelly @indiaroseco
Recent selfie occasion Paris, on a ferris wheel with Jess Makeup selfie
Last text you sent To my store manager To Shopmag, haha!
Most used emoji ok 😀
Most surprising person you follow on Instagram @zayn @cardib is the most random. I find her funny.
Bad phone etiquette Texting anywhere when you’re with people. When you can’t stay off your phone even when food comes and you’ve company. I hate it.

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