TREND REPORT: Good luck colors for this Lunar New Year

Lucky colors for your Zodiac sign

Gong hei fat choy! Chinese New Year, more appropriately known as Lunar New Year, is just around the corner (Feb. 12 to be exact!) and we’re already making the necessary preparations. Did you know that cleaning one’s home on the days leading to new year washes away the bad luck of last year? And we all know just how bad last year was… (BRB, throwing away my house.)
Lunar New Year is a day bursting with color as people clad in bright hues  participate in parades and indulge in pyrotechnics and endless gatherings. Other than being an excuse to indulge in Chinese delicacies such as tikoy and mooncake, celebrating also includes starting anew with new clothes and getting lucky money for spending. Curious as to what color to wear for a prosperous new year? Here’s a tip for the zodiacs:

Aries, Scorpio, Leo

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Calling all Arians, Scorpions, and Leos! For a prosperous new year, sport some red to bring out your go-getter spirit for achieving. In line with your ruling planets Mars (for Arians and Scorpions) and the Sun (for Leo), red’s passionate color will allow you to take on any obstacle and bring you good luck in your future pursuits. Avoid the colors blue, black, and green to steer clear of setbacks.

Gemini, Sagittarius

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The fruitful color of green brings these two complementary signs a bountiful new year. Other than green, yellow and white are other great color options to keep the positivity going this 2021. Geminis may also opt to wear pink whereas Sagittarians may choose the color orange. To avoid jeopardizing your luck, best to avoid the color blue (and red for Geminis).

Cancer, Pisces

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This passionate pair should wear the striking color of yellow for a successful new year. Cancerians are advised to wear soft colors such as white and cream, but are also permitted to wear silver and red. On the other hand, Pisceans may sport orange and pink. Albeit, generally speaking, both signs are dissuaded to dress in dark or bright colors.

Virgo, Libra, Taurus

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To reel in luck this 2021, these three zodiacs are advised to dress in white for stability and positivity to maintain a prosperous atmosphere. Both grounded individuals and earth elements, Virgos and Taureans may dress in green to keep in touch with their element or other earth colors such as blue and yellow for Virgos and pink for Taureans. On the other hand, for satisfactory results, Libras are advised to choose lighter colors such as light blue.The color red is said to be unfavorable for all three signs, with an addition of yellow for Taureans.

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