We tried to list our top 3 fave songs from Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” without crying

Nope, we didn’t cry. Our eyes are just sweating...

So here’s what went on last night: We were peacefully scrolling through our social accounts when we received a notif from the Taylor Swift’s Twitter account saying she’s releasing a new album at midnight eastern (1 pm local time). We had to do a double take because how the hell is it possible that she’s dropping another full-length album only a few months (four, to be exact) after “Folklore”?

Turns out, Taylor Swift’s the biggest liar we know. “Not a lot going on at the moment,” she said. How is this “not a lot,” Miss Taylor?

But yeah, she’s proving once again that she’s the music industry. “Evermore” is her ninth studio album—with 15 songs available for digital download and two bonus tracks for the deluxe physical edition: “Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time to Go.” We had a hard time choosing what our fave songs are but we pulled through. (Disclaimer: We were totally not crying when writing this.)

“No Body, No Crime” (feat. Haim)

Taylor usually writes songs based on her personal experiences—but she wrote a whole new world with this one. The structure wasn’t really how a song is usually made (verse-chorus-repeat-bridge-chorus). But it rather feels like a beautifully written crime novel (complete with climax and resolution) with a major plot twist towards the end.

“No Body, No Crime” is Taylor’s fictional take on the story of Este (her IRL friend’s name) going missing after finding out that her husband was cheating on her. Taylor took matters into her own hands and plotted the perfect crime against the guy. Y’all should listen to the song because we don’t want to spoil the emotional experience.

This might be a reach but “No Body, No Crime” feels like the sequel of “Mad Woman” where Taylor sang about women being ridiculed by men and being called emotional or crazy when fighting back. Well, we just know antis will take this song literally and criticize Taylor for “supporting” crimes… but all we can say is go to school and learn figures of speech, kids.


Taylor Swift naming a song after a girl is a genius move, case in point “Betty” and “Dorothea.” It feels like “Dorothea” is another side of the same “Betty” coin, in that Taylor shrouds childhood friends and crushes in nostalgia and angst. 

This song made me look back on the people we’ve loved and lost over time who pass through our thoughts in the most random of moments. We would like to think that this is Taylor Swift’s “Ribs” by Lorde—a song about wishing we had never grown up and that we could go back to the simpler times of our childhood. 

The song is simple and easy to listen to—you guessed it, exactly like our childhood days. But the lyrics are another story. Taylor paints a picture of childhood best friends who swore they’d be BFFs till the end of time, until unfortunately, adulthood kicked in and Dorothea got “shiny friends” since she left town, leaving Taylor stuck in the same town and wondering if Dorothea ever thought of her at all. 

This song is a guaranteed cry that would have you calling the friends you haven’t talked to since forever—or you know, before lockdown started. 


Listening to “Happiness” from Taylor’s newly released album invites reminiscing on one’s past relationships and the rollercoaster ride of moving on from them. The song gives a raw look at the inner dialogue of people when dealing with losing and, eventually, the loss of someone dear to them. It reminds us that moving on is not a smooth process because despite the ugly things that lead to the fallout, there still exists the beautiful moments to cling to—it is impossible to erase the past, both the good and the bad. 

Her lyrics speak of how easy it is to put the blame on the other person to feel better about ourselves but also reminds us that it takes two to tango—that happiness goes both ways and that it is both parties

It is okay to let go of something that once was your everything because there will always be happiness: for her and the other person.

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Header photo courtesy of @taylorswift on Instagram

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