TikTok welcomes Nadine Lustre with immediate verification

A single video got her that blue check. Her power is something else

Actress, musician and fashion idol Nadine Lustre confirms that she has the whole of social media in the palm of her hand. Known for her snappy and witty comebacks to trolls on Twitter and her aesthetically pleasing posts on Instagram, Nadine has moved on to TikTok—2020’s landmark social media app. 

She opened her account yesterday and immediately got verified. Her first video? A combination of her signature style, a popular TikTok trend and a promo for her album “Wildest Dreams.” 

If you don’t already know, Nadine recently released her visual album “Wildest Dreams” in collaboration with music collective Careless Music. The 12-track visual album is inspired by Philippine mythology and tells the story of Nadine’s journey of self-love. 

Her TikTok video is certainly a step in the right direction as she’s clad in her “Wildest Dreams” merch, a black crop top and loose oversized shorts. 

Even though she’s only posted one video, she currently has 99,000 followers—no doubt waiting for more content from her. In the meantime, while waiting for her next upload, you can stream “Wildest Dreams,” read up on why JaDine will always be the dream love team, or maybe even try to nail president Nadine’s aesthetic

Header image courtesy of Nadine Lustre’s official Instagram account

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