1. Season-appropriate footwear

Traveling equals sightseeing—and your choice of footwear will make or break your trip. Make sure that whatever you’re wearing is fit for the type of itinerary you’re planning; if you are going to the beach, opt for durable flip-flops or if you’re going on a guided tour abroad, opt for durable and weather-resistant sneakers.

2. A Sleek Pair of Sunglasses

No matter where the location, a pair of flattering sunnies will get you through the brightest mornings or recovery days from all-nighters (be it from non-stop partying or jetlag). Plus, it adds chutzpa to any #ootd!

3. Plain White Tee

The most convenient and stylish apparel nowadays are effortless basics. It’s the backbone of the #normcore trend. What’s even more timeless? A plain white tee! No matter where you go, a flattering cotton shirt will never go out of style. It’s easy to pack too, and it can match anything.

4. Lip Balm

Being inside an aircraft or outdoors can contribute to chapped lips; windburn or sunburn, a chapped lips is unsexy and painful to boot. Always keep a tube of lip balm handy so you can grab it anywhere and anytime to keep your lips moisturized.

5. A Magazine

I’ll be brutally honest—not every single part of your trip will be action-packed. Whether you’re headed out of the country or relaxing on the beach, there will be down time. Don’t get me wrong though, the lull isn’t boring at all, quite the opposite actually: it’s your opportunity to relax. I don’t know about you but I like to rest with some light reading and I prefer to do it by reading magazines. Nothing beats the feel of paper on your fingertips vs an ebook and the glare of the sun on your iPad. Why a magazine? It’s digestible, it gives you time to just settle your mind minus the commitment a book has so that anytime, you can drop it and go back to your vacation motions anytime.

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