Kim Jones fleshes out the know-hows of travel

Kim Jones, model, host, and all-around creative force in the industry, has graced the pages of virtually every magazine. While the metropolis has been in awe of this Fil-Brit beauty, Jones likewise cites the city as her muse. A traveler from the get-go, she just flew in from Hong Kong prior to this interview.

Having grown up in Australia with a mom hailing from Davao, her mother’s hometown has long been a curiosity. I was always [intrigued] by the infamous durian that my mother would bring home in the form of cupcakes from her trips to Davao. Being a curious 15-year- old Australian girl, I wanted to visit [and] try it, she shares, and I hear there are some amazing beaches not far from the city.

Her blog,, serves as a virtual diary of her latest escapades. I believe that [in] every city or every place that you go to, the best part is in the detail. With her SLR in tow, she’s learning the ropes in documenting her travels through stunning photos. When she isn’t capturing the city through her lens, Jones goes on a hunt for bargains in vintage markets. I found this really awesome sundress, made in the ’50s, and it’s amazing, she shares. I’ve picked it up for about 800 pesos from a flea market in Brooklyn. Her fashion style clearly draws inspiration from the classics. She swears by wearing her culottes and her bardots whenever she’s on tour. It’s a very forgiving outfit… very easy to wear, [and] still a little bit sexy with the shoulders.


Among the other staples in her suitcase are a good SPF 50+ sunscreen and her phone with which to update her million waiting audience. While Rogue has recently named Jones one among the 50 Most Influential Filipinos Online, she admits that a crucial part of traveling is momentarily setting the techs aside, to just revel in the culture or the strangeness of a place. Instead of documenting everything by the number, the more pressing objective is to wake up at 5 a.m., and to see the city in its full uninterrupted glory.

I feel like the best time to see the city is when it’s just waking up, she tells us. The vendors [are] just setting up or the stalls are just opening; everything’s freshest, the air is the best.

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