The Birth Of A Tycoon: Georgina Wilson-Burnand and Archie Burnand

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While motherhood is said to be a time in a woman’s life when she “softens,” Georgina Wilson and her personal brand are as impenetrable as ever.

There’s something to be said about the endurance of her fame. From the moment she booked her first billboard on the Katipunan Avenue overpass, she has refused to be reduced to “the girlfriend of″ or the “niece of.″ Instead, those in her orbit are prefaced by how they’re connected to her, including her two-year-old son Archie and her anticipated second child.

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Having spent the better part of her career endorsing brands, she now puts some of that magic towards co-creating products that people practically beg to own. Itʼs no exaggeration to proclaim that every single item produced by Sunnies Studios and Sunnies Face has multiplied in the purses and Instagram feeds of Filipinas everywhere. And their unbridled success continues as she and her partners capitalize on the global appeal of Sunnies Face with their lipsticks tracing the lips of Hollywood A-listers.

Today, she took a break from growing her family and various business interests to chat about how she bonds with her first-born, gender equality in the Philippines, and her refusal to buy maternity wear.

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How has being a mother changed your relationship with your body and the way you dress?
I think you’re constantly amazed with what the body can do and how the female body can transform. In how I dress, well, I kinda refuse to buy pregnancy clothes, so it’s been a challenge.

What has been the most surprising thing to you about motherhood?
Just how much you can love [someone]. Like it’s overwhelming how much your child amazes you.

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Would you consider yourself a naturally stylish person or did it take a while to figure that out?
Iʼve always been interested in it, so I think it came naturally to me. Iʼve been wearing the same thing [for] the last 20 years.

It’s the golden age of the #girlboss. As a female entrepreneur yourself, how have you managed to pave the way for other women to achieve the same success you have?
I think the Philippines [is] the most gender-equal country. I mean, Sunnies in itself—three out of four of the directors are women and so many of the senior positions are held by women, so Iʼm so flattered that people think that I helped pave the way, but I honestly thought that it was a no-brainer in the Philippines. Like, we really accept and embrace women in leadership.

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What are some of your favorite bonding activities with Archie while walking inside an SM Supermall?
Well, we love visiting Sunnies stores. Wala siyang choice. (laughs) But he actually loves it. He’s like, “Sunnies!″ He gets so excited because he knows that’s where I go every day, to the office. I think, for him to see a product of his momʼs work is so rewarding. Well, I’m just putting words into his mouth, but we visit Sunnies stores. I love, and obviously, he loves the toy shops. My sister actually pointed out to me that in Megamall there’s this huge Paw Patrol exhibit, so I think we have to go there soon.

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