It Takes Gutz stars Eddie and Raymond Gutierrez are the father-and-son pairing you’ll grow fond of—even after the cameras stop rolling.

For better or worse, children have within them the combined halves of their parents, from their DNA to their personality ticks. Raymond Gutierrez is no exemption. Even with the name he’s made for himself as an experiential marketing consultant in the lifestyle scene, he acknowledges how his famous parents continue to influence who he is. “I’m a workaholic, a go-getter, often juggling too many things at the same time—I got that from my mom. Then there are times when I’m super chill and would rather stay at home the whole day—that’s from dad.”

Dad’s the man

While it’s the Gutierrez matriarch Annabelle Rama who often makes the news, at home, everyone in the family knows that their father Eddie Gutierrez is the glue that keeps them together. “We all look up to dad,” Raymond says. “When he speaks, everyone listens, especially when he’s talking in a stern voice.” It’s a rare occurrence, though.

The 75-year-old patriarch honestly prefers a stress-free, happy home life. “That’s my secret,” he shares. Though he keeps healthy by exercising, staying away from steaks and hamburgers since his angioplasty in 2008, and reducing his wine intake to two glasses, if any, a day, the veteran actor credits his still good looks to keeping an even temper. “I don’t want life to be magulo at puno ng away.”

Special bond

“Growing up, there were things that I told only my dad because I was scared to tell these to my mom,” Raymond admits with a laugh. “They have different parenting styles. When I do something wrong and own up to it, with my mom, it’s…I don’t want to hear it! But with my dad, he wouldn’t get mad; he’d just give me advice about learning from my mistakes and moving on.”

A proud father

“Raymond has always been unique,” Eddie reminisces. “When the other kids wanted to stay after vacationing here in the Philippines, he was decided in finishing his studies in the US.” His son’s drive is why Eddie isn’t too surprised that Raymond was able to lose 60 pounds in just three months. “It’s a big transformation, not just physically. Before, mainitin ang ulo niya, lagi silang nag-aaway ng nanay niya,” Eddie reveals, chuckling. “Now, he’s more relaxed, more confident. It’s a big change for the better, and I’m proud of him.”

Raymond’s journey

For Raymond, his fitness journey was jumpstarted by the realization that if he didn’t make serious changes in his lifestyle, he’d be living a cliché. “Last December, I asked myself, ‘Am I really going to live my life thinking, “New year, new me” every time, and not really doing anything about it?” As his excess weight kept him from even enjoying family vacations—“I’d stay in the hotel and wait for everyone during family trips because I’d be too conscious to join them at the beach or the pool”—he understood that any change would require a lot of mental work, plus encouragement from those around him. “My dad has been very supportive of my fitness journey. He’s always very encouraging, even when there were doubters. With the party and work lifestyle I have, people were questioning if I could do this, but my dad has always believed in me.”

Closer than ever

Father and son are working together again, this time for their reality show It Takes Gutz, now filming its fifth season. “Ever since this started, we became much closer,” Raymond reflects. “We’ve learned more from each other and we tend to open up more.”With Father’s Day coming around, they’re envisioning a simple potluck dinner at home as

With Father’s Day coming around, they’re envisioning a simple potluck dinner at home as a celebration. “Maybe I’ll get him a nice wine chiller or a set of wine glasses because dad likes his red wine,” says Raymond. “With everyone’s schedules, it’s difficult to get together, but when we do, we like nothing too fancy.” Just everyone gathered around the table, with the head of the home holding court. “My children all like working and being busy,” Eddie concludes. “I’ve been lucky with them.”

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