When it comes to romance and raising a family, the Burnands follow only one rule: There are no rules

Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand already claim it: 2018 will be a big year for them. “We have a European trip in February, Palawan in March, America in April, Europe again in June, Bali in September, then Europe again for Christmas,” Arthur rattles off. “And in the next couple of months, I’ll be opening two hotels in Shanghai.” As for Georgina, she’s deep into preparing for the launch of a couple of new brands under Sunnies Studios. “We’re super excited about them,” she gushes. “It’s like my life calling came true.”

Fun and fresh

Somehow, between all the travels, the work responsibilities, and shuttling between Shanghai, where Arthur’s work is based, and Manila, where Georgina’s work is based, the busy couple keeps their relationship fun, fresh, and intact—not an easy feat, especially with their toddler Archie in tow. “When I find the answer to balancing work and family life, I’ll let you know,” Georgina jokes. “But seriously, we’re working 24/7.” Arthur notes that given the nature of his wife’s work, plus its target market of Georgina’s fellow millennials, he understands her non-stop involvement with her projects. “Meanwhile, I’m not a millennial—I’ll say I’m on the cusp—so I have certain boundaries in place. On weekends, I might check in on certain important matters, but I try to switch off during the weekend.”

Roles they play

“Between us, he’s definitely the planner,” Georgina affirms. “I guess I’m the dreamer and he’s the realist who makes things happen. He never stops me from thinking up ideas, but he also tells me, ‘Right. This is how you can make that real.’” “Yeah, I try to put her dreams into action,” Arthur adds. “He’s the wind beneath my wings!” Georgina quips. “That’s cute, I like that,” her husband says, smiling. “It’s a good balance, because there are a lot of things I wouldn’t do if I didn’t have her thinking out of the box.”

‘Comfortable center’

So far, it’s been great for the two. The promise that their first meeting had— which immediately had Arthur smitten by Georgina and joking about marrying her— but wasn’t carried out until their second meeting six years later remains strong. There are enough differences between them to keep things exciting, yet the way one’s strength bolsters what the other lacks has also given them a comfortable center to meet and work together.

Modern family

There’s a similar dynamic at play when the two talk about rearing the nearly two- year-old Archie: One is the nurturer while the other is more of the disciplinarian. “I’d say I’m more consistent with the discipline,” Arthur explains. “But Georgina has certain [issues] that she will discipline Archie over, which is nice. Archie can play a lot more with her, while I’m quite consistent with how I think I should be acting when it comes to disciplining our son.” “I think it’s really important for parents to not lose themselves once they have kids,” Georgina reflects. “The child can learn so much from how they treat each other.” Unlike the popular sentiment of parents having to sacrifice everything for their children, the Burnands have a standing agreement to not make Archie the center of all of their activities. “We love our son to death,” Georgina emphasizes, “but, like, we wouldn’t not have dinner because of him. He needs to find a way to live around that. It’s a tough life for Archie, haha!” Arthur adds, “We make a conscious effort to make sure that things don’t change, in the sense that even though we’re now parents, we aren’t hindered from doing things we want to do as a couple and as a family.”

Little suprises

Despite finding plenty of common ground when it comes to raising their young family, Georgina and Arthur still find themselves surprising each other after nearly two years of marriage. “Every day, we discover something new about each other,” Arthur reflects, to which Georgina jokingly asks, “Really?” “Yeah, every day,” her husband answers. “That’s the beauty of marriage: We discover new things about each other every day. Most are good things, while others are…well, other things!”

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