Good tidings and cheer: Blogger Besties and Jowas

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For bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, and Laureen Uy, there are plenty of things to look forward to for Christmas 2019. Some of them have actually been hyped for the holidays since September, having their Christmas playlist already set up on Spotify.

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CLOCKWISE: Laureen Uy, fashion blogger; Miggy Cruz, blogger jowa and PR man; Camille Co, blogger and businesswoman; Joni Koro, blogger jowa and businessman; Patricia Prieto, blogger and spinning instructor; Kryz Uy, blogger/vlogger


Setting new traditions

“The holidays are always full of happy memories for me,” Camille shares. Aside from the annual Christmas meal at her grandparents’ house, there was also the childhood tradition of her father taking her around Makati to check out the grand decorations that decked the business district’s skyscrapers.


Now, she’s looking forward to making traditions of her own, this time with her husband Joni Koro, with whom she’ll be spending a quiet Christmas in his hometown of Tampere, Finland. “We’re trying to start a #CoKoro Christmas tradition where we invite all our friends over from different parts of our lives to come together,” says Camille. “The first one is happening this year!” Joni is also excited for his wife to experience the Finnish Christmas traditions he grew up with. “It’s going to be special. She’ll get to eat all the traditional Finnish dishes, which I personally look forward to the most. I hope there’s a lot of snow by then so we can go skiing as well.”


The spirit of giving

Kryz will be in Korea for the holidays with her husband Slater Young and the rest of the Uy family. But even when not at home, she looks forward to the spirit of giving. “It’s not just the material gifts. Giving time to spend with the family, giving effort to make meals and thinking of the best presents to give . . . it’s just a beautiful time.”


With Christmas shopping being a source of stress for many, Kryz would like to believe that she’s a good gift-giver who’s nevertheless had her share of crazy Christmas shopping experiences. “I’ve once tried filling my whole car with presents, blocking everything but the passenger seat!”

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Gatherings near and far

Meanwhile, for the Prietos, it’ll be a very Japanese holiday. What will make it extra special for Patricia, however, is her sister Pauline’s homecoming. “We haven’t done a trip complete with the whole family in years,” she admits.

Patricia plans to celebrate with friends in the weeks leading to Christmas Eve. “I always have a Blogger Besties Christmas party planned each year. We have a Kris Kringle among us girls.” Known for being a fashion girl, Patricia is considering gifting herself a new pair of shoes or a new bag.

The right balance

With so many loved ones and too little R&R time, figuring out how to schedule get-togethers can be tough. For Laureen and her boyfriend Miggy Cruz, planning their holiday gatherings is an exercise in teamwork. “So we’ve come up with a plan: After welcoming Christmas, Miggy goes to my place and spends time with my family. The following day, we have dinner at his place.”


Aside from their presence and their gifts, the couple is also planning to add something extra special to these family dinners. Miggy reveals, “My mom is always the one who prepares the entire spread, so maybe this year, Laureen and I can cook a dish for Noche Buena. Let’s see!”

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Keeping it authentic

There are plenty of opportunities in 2019 that these bloggers are grateful for—and that includes being able to keep up with the fast-changing landscape in lifestyle media. With the rise of Instagram models and influencers, Camille, Kryz, Patricia, and Laureen understand that authenticity will always click with their audience.

Says Kryz, “I consider myself a big sister and a best friend to my followers, so I share what I learn with them as I go through life.”

“We should never compare ourselves to anyone,” Laureen adds. “We should always be inspired, but never imitate.”

Camille agrees. “There’s only one thing I bring to the table that other people can’t—my voice, my passion, my purpose.” As difficult as it can be to balance authenticity with business, she knows that truly connecting to her followers is the most important thing. “If you value your audience, you’ll always remain relevant. So all I have to do is listen . . . And see how I can make it into my own.”

As for their partners, the guys known collectively as the Blogger Jowas, they continue to be supportive of what their better halves are doing. Says Miggy, “We just try to keep the mood light and give the fans a glimpse into our relationship. We’re all about spreading the good vibes in any way, shape, or form.” It’s an attitude worth keeping as the old year winds down and a new one comes in.




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