Everybody Loves JADINE

It must have been fate that brought them together.

James Reid, who first rose to stardom after winning Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash in 2010, was looking for a way to grow his showbiz career. Nadine Lustre, who started as a child actress before moving on to teen roles with all-female group Pop Girls, was also looking to launch a solo career.

One day, they were called into the Viva management office and introduced to each other as love interests in a movie project— and that was the beginning of their beautiful love story. Their first film Diary ng Panget released in 2014 was a surprise hit and gave birth to the local showbiz phenomenon that is #JaDine.

Their interest was purely professional at first, with both saying they did not have to be in a relationship to elicit th kilig fans crave. Then something happened along the way, their long-time friendship enabled them to realize that they were meant for each other. This February, they will be celebrating their third anniversary as an official couple.

Love changes everything

They both say that getting to know each other as friends helped to make their relationship strong. As James explains, “It is the first time for me knowing someone for years before getting into a relationship.”

“At least we are past that getting to know you stage, and I think this is a good foundation for a relationship,” Nadine added.

Much has changed in their dynamics since they became a couple. Nadine says that, as friends and co-workers, James used to tease her for fun to rile her up. “Now, I don’t annoy her on purpose,” he grins. “The things he used to do, para mainis ako sa kanya, hindi na nakakainis ngayon. These days kapag nangungilit siya, the purpose is not for me to hate him. Now, its more of paglalambing,” she smiles.

A good relationship allows growth, and this is evident in how they work together as a team, supporting each other in their individual endeavors—James’ music career and Nadine’s makeup line Lustrous. “We want to see each other do well. That is basically what we are doing for each other,” James says.

Their new career paths happened organically. “I released my album “Palm Dreams,” and things kind of changed,” James says. “Iʼve been wanting to go back to singing for a while, and when I started writing songs for Nadine, the fans wanted more of it and it took off from there.”

Nadine, on the other hand, admits that having a makeup brand was never on her bucket list. “It started when BYS approached me and asked if I wanted to do a collaboration. Though I never dreamed of it, it is really nice to have Lustrous because it is a new experience for me and I learned a lot from it.”


“We want to see each other do well. That is basically what we are doing for each other.”


Shopping styles

They admit that it is hard for them to go shopping now because they will, more often than not, be surrounded by people asking them for photos, which they are quick to add is not something they dislike. It can be a challenge though because it takes up time they otherwise can spend doing other things together like watching movies or eating out.

To work around this predicament, the two have developed shopping hacks. To get in and out of a store quickly, Nadine says she plans ahead. “Before I go shopping, I already have an idea of what to buy. This minimizes the need to look around. James finds it easy to shop. He just looks for the basic things,” she says.

“I never really have an outfit in mind. When I shop, I run!” he jokes, adding that “I’m influenced by Nadine a lot, my stylists help me out, too. Fashion is not really my thing, but I am willing to experiment.” He says that if it were up to him, he would wear something more than once, but fans are quick to point out if he does.

It’s a different case for Nadine though. “I love experimenting with clothes. I look at photos on Pinterest, and I see what fashionable people are wearing on Instagram. Music also influences me. It changes my mood and helps me decide what to wear for that day.”

Yet, the two agree on the fact that SM is there for all their needs. “Like the theme song says, ‘we’ve got it all for you!’ What I love about SM is that they really do have everything. They have the outfits, the accessories, the shoes, and undergarments and swimwear. One-stop shop talaga siya,” says Nadine.

They also usually wear outfits that match albeit not on purpose. “When I wake up and see Nadine before she leaves, I get her image stuck in my subconscious, then I decide to wear something similar. It’s weird,” he says with a laugh.


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