Dream Team: Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

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The first time I meet Maymay and Edward, they greet me with a casual beso and hug as if we had known each other for a while now. Then they add, “Hello po, ako po si Maymay.” “Ako po si Edward.”


To be fair, the young love team, at 22 and 19 respectively, are fairly new to the scene. It has only been roughly three years since they got out of the “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) house, after all. But in such a short amount of time, they’ve already conquered TV, film, and even the
concert stage.

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Their quick rise to fame, which started even as they were still housemates inside Bahay ni Kuya, hasn’t shown signs of stopping. But unlike others who are suddenly thrown into the fray of showbiz, Mayward isn’t stumbling through it. In fact, they’re steadily thriving.

It’s all thanks to their easy-going, genuine, and sincere attitude.

We had been talking about the changes they’ve undergone since moving out of the PBB house. “Sobrang proud ako sa sarili ko kasi yung weight ko po sa PBB, 38 kilos. Pero ngayon 48 kilos na! Sobrang saya ko, kain ako nang kain. Tapos sinasabi nila nagpa-retoke ako? Kasi medyo tumaba ako. Pero hindi! And I’m proud of it! I am naturally beautiful!” The 22-year-old proudly declares.

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The conversation with Maymay and Edward, often known as Mayward, flows pretty much this way. Laughter and banter are interspersed between anecdotes and reflections. In the next minute, Maymay looks me straight in the eye and tells me, “Dati ‘pag iniinterview ako, parang lagi akong kinakabahan, tapos oo o hindi lang sinasabi ko, tawa lang ako nang tawa kasi wala akong masabi. Ngayon, pinag- iisipan ko na siya ng mabuti, tapos through interviews, may mga questions nirerelate ko talaga sa experience ko.”

“Mature na rin sa decisions. Dati, oo lang kasi mukhang maganda, mukhang masaya, pero ngayon, naiisip na rin namin kung magiging masaya ba talaga kami dito, chino-choose din namin kung ano yung mas makakabuti para sa amin,” she muses. “Mahirap kasi ‘pag laging ‘yung para sa iba lang. Dapat para din sa sarili mo, kasi pag binigay mo lahat, wala nang matitira sa ‘yo.” Edward looks at her knowingly.

It’s evident that they’ve been witnesses to each other’s growth. But what’s interesting is despite the changes— mentally, physically (“nagsi-skincare at gym na rin ako!” Maymay shares), emotionally, and, for Edward especially, spiritually—the two remain grounded.

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In an industry as fickle and as powerful as showbiz, the two share what has kept them from getting swept away by it all: the power of choice. That is, choosing to always be themselves, to be honest with what they feel and think, to not fake it.

“People will know,” Edward says, if they suddenly change or act contrary to who they are. “They will see it. That’s why, actually even when we’re out and we get pictures taken, sometimes we’re tired after shows, and we tell [the fans who ask for photos]: ‘Sorry, we’re a little tired today. We’ll take pictures next time, okay?’” “Para di rin sila mag-isip na bakit ganun mukha [namin] sa pictures, parang ‘di masaya,” Maymay adds.

Perhaps it’s also their simplicity and candidness that draws people to them. In celebrating their success, Mayward shares that they prefer to keep it small: Celebrations are marked by getting together with their glam team—ones they consider their family on the road—for dinner and karaoke. Simple as that.

And even just between the two of them, simple joys take the cake. The free time they have, Maymay and Edward say, they spend doing things they love, like watching movies. With such free-going and genuine ways, it’s not surprising that Mayward is so easy to like, whether you’ve been following them since Day 1, or just starting to discover them today.


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