Meet the influencer couple who made us believe that true love exists—yes, even in quarantine (not clickbait)

David Guison and Angelique Manto got together four months ago, when everyone wasn’t allowed to go out. Just… how?

“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg has always been one of those songs that make us feel like we’re in some sort of a cliché music video—one where the lead is staring outside the window, holding a warm cup of coffee and looking like a freaking hopeless romantic. But never have we ever thought that two people out there were making the song their reality. 

Love at first cup (of coffee)

Despite being public personalities, digital content creator David Guison and TV and events host Angelique Manto managed to keep their personal affairs private. David even mentioned on his YouTube channel four months ago that he’s not the type to overshare with his fans. So although we’re seeing more of Angelique in his vlogs lately, we know so little about their relationship—which is why we’d like to think we’re God’s children (a.k.a blessed) for being able to arrange an exclusive interview with the couple and get an in on their story.

“We’ve been dating for a year now but officially, we’ve been a couple for over four months. Our story is actually strongly founded on coffee shops: unknowingly staying at the same coffee shop but in different spots. We’d glance every now and then as we knew of each other, but haven’t really formally met until we were introduced in another coffee shop by the friends we were with,” said Angelique.

We were really curious if they have an estimate of the amount of coffee they consumed before they went official, but we guess it’s for the couple to know and for us to never find out. (Though we bet the coffee shop had an increase in sales.)

A relationship built during quarantine

David officially asked Angelique out in the same coffee shop where they first met, while most of the courtship happened during the lockdown. “Seeing how David was consistent enough to endure the distance and find ways just to show his intentions made me feel at ease enough to let him take me to our family home, to have him be introduced to my family; only for him to go home as my boyfriend. [It’s] a pretty quiet love story but a meaningful one at that,” said Angelique.

We know what you’re thinking: How TF do David and Angelique get to hang out when we’re strictly required to stay home? One word: technology. (In fact, we’re almost convinced that technology is the answer to every problem ever.) “We would always have Zoom dates. Even though we have our family and own circle of friends, it’s nice to have someone to talk to every night, talk about random things, and keep each other sane,” said David. 

But even then, David and Angelique would still find ways to meet each other in person. They would have dinner dates at home. They would look up a recipe and try to recreate it—and sometimes even dress up for it as if they’re dining in a resto.

“We were still lucky though, as we’ve been able to go out before the pandemic. Realizing we had shared interests over food, coffee and fashion to name a few, we used to stay for hours on end in one of our favorite shops Satchmi (a vinyl records store in SM Megamall, in case you’re wondering) and scour through racks and racks of clothes at the department store,” said Angelique.

Challenges of being a “quarantine couple”

Would you believe us if we say David and Angelique have never gotten into a serious argument yet? Sure, the relationship is fairly new and maybe they are still in their honeymoon stage—but still, it’s quite refreshing to discover couples who don’t fight every chance they get, especially given our situation. They were also confident enough to reveal that their relationship is only getting stronger as time goes by.

Their secret? Communication. While most people would have a hard time communicating with their SOs because of the distance, it’s one of the many things the couple is proud of in terms of their relationship dynamic. “We always make it a point to communicate, be it the biggest issues or the little nothings. We made a deal that we’d be open as much as we can and so far, it’s been working for both of us,” said David.

“There’s a reason why they say ‘communication is king’ and no matter how cliché it may sound, it bears truth. We always tend to overthink during this time so having someone to talk to and share insights with has helped us find that stability given that we are still a relatively new couple. We literally lay all our cards [on the table] when we talk to each other so nothing gets left unspoken or unresolved,” added Angelique.

Post-pandemic goals: Trying out cafés, date at the movies

“Trying out cafés is already an imperative, not even an option,” said Angelique, laughing. But as much as the couple loves their coffee, there are still some things they want to do once this health crisis is over—activities that wouldn’t potentially cause palpitations (or at least we hope). “Believe it or not, we haven’t been able to watch a movie in the theater—but we make up for it by having movie and cooking sessions at home,” added David.

More than anything though, the couple wishes to carry over some of their stay-in traditions even after the pandemic. (Who wouldn’t want pasta and wine nights by the balcony, right? Please, Lord, can we have what they’re having?)

David and Angelique on couples who struggle during quarantine

“It’s about knowing what matters for both of you: setting intentions, prioritizing individual and couple goals, and talking about them. For David and I, since we have our own goals, we help each other be able to carry them out—which is the essence of being in a relationship. When problems arise, you are not in a battle with each other but more of teammates finding a way to go through the hurdle in one piece, as one team,” said Angelique. 

“However, at the end of the day, you’ll be stuck with yourself most of the time, so you must love ‘you’ first. Take this time to learn, grow and get to know yourself better. By then you’d be able to know what you deserve and decide easily for yourself whenever people, or things, don’t go your way,” David added.

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