There’s nothing conventional about the hot and funny pairing of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

They’re a ridiculously good-looking pair, but their looks are a far second to the main reason why Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are an enjoyable couple to watch.

Take their attempt at answering how Nico’s presence in Solenn’s social media posts started:

Solenn: “I never really included him in my posts.”

Nico: “No, you did, from the very beginning!”

Solenn: “No!”

Nico: “You’ve been posting pictures of me from the start.”

Solenn: “Yes, once in a blue moon—“

Nico: “So you did!”

Solenn: “But what I’m talking about [here] is before we discussed including you in my posts and you agreed. Basically, I’d post something about him once in a blue moon.”

Nico: “See?”

Solenn: “But as an artista, I know people don’t want celebrities to be attached to someone in real life; they like believing that what celebrities have onscreen in real. What made our couple status okay was Nico’s posting about me in the morning, with footage that I didn’t know he was filming. That’s how it started. It wasn’t me who did it first, it was you.”

Nico: “Oh yeah.”

Solenn: “See? But now, I use you a lot.”

Good rapport

It’s their particular chemistry: one zigs while the other zags. One says yes and the other rebuts with a “No,” but by the end of the conversation, they find their way together. Solenn and Nico have been together for six years and married for a little over a year, but the energy between them when they get into these discussions feels like the kind of bickering between new couples. “Sometimes I still call Nico my boyfriend by accident,” Solenn admits.

Yet there’s also a great level of comfort between the two, given the length of time they’ve been together. “He’s still the same makulit guy,” Solenn reveals of her husband.

Real online and IRL

People get glimpses of this chemistry in Solenn’s video blogs and Instagram posts that feature her husband, and so far, they’ve been loving it. Whereas most celebrities tend to pull back from the scene upon getting married, either to focus on their new family or to revel in a bit more privacy, the popularity of these two seemed to grow exponentially as they occasionally pull back the curtain on their marriage.

“We don’t have different personalities whenever we’re onscreen from when we’re at home,” Solenn explains. “We do draw the line, of course, when we have problems or issues—we’re not going to share those. We just want to put things up that make people happy.”

Nico: “We have funny problems in some posts.”

Solenn: “Then they’re not problems.”

Nico: “They are, but they’re super funny. Like when you cut your own hair.”

Solenn: “That wasn’t a problem, just a funny, stupid thing to do.”

Solenn’s ‘accessory’

Nico, who grew up in a farm town of 40,000 people in Santa Fe, Argentina and admits to having no intention of being a showbiz personality, has adjusted well to the attention that being Solenn’s husband has brought him. “Just to clarify: I don’t have a career. I’m just Solenn’s accessory,” he jokes when asked about his popularity.” But really, apart from being the half that makes up #SosBolz, Nico is actually the founder of LM10 Corporation whose main mission is to invest and bring agribusiness technology in the country.

Recently proclaimed as the new SM Men Denim ambassador, Nico admits that Solenn is in the driver’s seat when it comes to their collective social media presence. Of the makeup tutorial vlog where his wife does his face, Nico says, “She made that decision. It didn’t matter if I [was against her posting it]. What she wants, she will do it. Even if she asks for my opinion a hundred times, it really doesn’t matter in the end.”


For their fans, the two embody their couple goals: attractive, fun, exciting. But Solenn and Nico admit that since they don’t have kids yet, they’re still much like how they’ve been since they started their relationship. “Of course, we’ve learned certain things because we have more responsibilities,” Solenn muses. “But I think marriage shouldn’t drastically change your relationships with other people and with your work, and how people perceive you.”

Humor is key

Perhaps it’s the freedom to be themselves while they’re together that makes this It couple click so well, not just with each other but with their audience. Citing Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez as their #couplegoals—“Because Ogie is also makulit and a comedian like Nico”—they know each other’s good and the not-so-good parts, and they meet these with nothing but acceptance—and a good dose of humor.

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