There is more to power couple Alodia Gosiengfiao and Wil Dasovich than what their online presence reveals

Alodia Gosiengfiao and Wil Dasovich could be considered as the YouTube loveteam of the country. With each of them boasting a following of millions on their respective YouTube channels, together, the two form a power couple whose territory ranges from the gaming world to the domain of vlogs.

“We try to arrange contracts for jobs so that we can get to work together,” Wil reveals. “She’s actually my manager: She knows my rates and she gives me work,” he adds half-jokingly.

There’s obvious respect between them regarding how they have built their respective bases and made their names. Before meeting for the first time en route to the Influence Asia Awards in 2017, Alodia had seen one of Wil’s videos—not on YouTube but on Facebook—and found it cute how he’d speak in Filipino. “Then I met him and saw how much fun he is in real life. But while people would think it’s all fun and games with him, seeing him work made me realize how much he strategizes these things. He plans everything because he understands which things will work.”

On his part, Wil had always found Alodia cute, and meeting her just compounded that first impression: “I like how she’s really simple, and girly on the outside, but when talking business, she’s savage.”

Non-stop work

As pros in what they do, the couple understands the importance of planning each post to avoid potential blowback. “People need to make sure about what they really want to post, because once something’s out there, you can’t take it back,” Alodia advises. “You can delete it but there could still be screenshots of what you’ve posted.” “Always think twice and consult with someone,” Wil adds.

The two know too well the high stakes involved in a career that’s based on online reception. Wil, who had eased up on handling content for his YouTube channel for about a month, admits to the pressure of seeing his views go down and the work needed to raise their numbers again. “It’s like a rollercoaster. Work is basically 24/7 for us.”

Getting away from it all

But the necessity of drawing back a little is something the couple tries to prioritize. They treasure the out-of-town and out-of-country trips they get to take once in a while. “Some of our best memories together involved taking walks around San Francisco,” Alodia reminisces. “I’m a very private person, and everything I post online is related to business, so it was pretty difficult for me in the beginning in our relationship when people would speculate whether we were together or not.”

As used as they are to the online attention, it’s the simple offline things that the two enjoy the most: going to the supermarket, people-watching, bike-riding. On what they now count as their first date, the two went to SM Mall of Asia, where they spent the day window shopping and just hanging out. “I was cleaning my hard drive yesterday and found all this footage that I’ve never posted, and they were all from that day we spent together. That was the first time we hung out.”

“We’re happiest when we’re away from the camera and away from everybody else,” adds Wil. “Just us, surrounded by nature, with the sound of birds and crickets…”

“And bats,” Alodia chimes in, and the two crack up, enjoying an inside joke that’s meant for just the two of them.

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