All Work, All Play, All Love: Marixi Prieto And Tessa Prieto-Valdes On Career And Motherhood

The women of the Prieto family are known for their style, grace, and above all, their con-tributions to business, fashion, culture, and media. One of them is Tessa Prieto-Valdes. She is known not only for her bold style, but also for her bright personality. We sat down with Tessa and another Prieto icon – the woman who raised her children to become wom-en of strength, grace, power, and influence. Read on and be inspired by Tessa and her mom, Marixi Prieto.

Marixi and Tessa are driven career women. Marixi is a full-time executive while Tessa is a celebrated interior designer. Between business, social events, and their families, how do they balance family life and career?

Tessa admits that work and family balance is a tough thing to have, especially that as an interior designer and socialite, she doesn’t have a set work schedule. She says,”as a working mom, it’s really difficult. There are no set rules, no bible to follow.” But that doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice one for the other. She tries to make sure that work is confined to weekdays so she can devote all her time to her family over the weekend. She and her husband make it a point to set aside time for family vacations.

With so much on their plate, both women agree on making time for yourself. Being busy with work, growing a family, and having some me-time all contribute to having a well-balanced life.

That’s why Marixi and Tessa love having family- and me-time at SM. Marixi likes how SM provides everything now down to entertainment. She appreciates that SM Malls have ar-eas for kids of all ages to enjoy. She likes SM Aura most because of the variety and com-pleteness of stores and selections. It also has many restaurants to choose from when you want to take a break or to go eat out.

Meanwhile, Tessa says that time is the real luxury and treasure for moms nowadays, es-pecially that they live such diverse and busy lives. SM has everything a mom needs for her family, her home, and herself. She can do all her shopping and relaxation in one place.

Her favorite is SM Makati, and loves that SM now has a better selection of items, curated pieces and carries quality items at affordable price ranges. She personally goes for the Designer Forum, Coco Cabana for beach wear, and even Parisian! She proudly exclaims her knowledge of SM’s promos and sales.

When it comes to raising their children, Marixi and Tessa have different styles, but both are supportive of what their kids want to be. Marixi lets her children explore and do things on their own so they learn accountability and responsibility. Meanwhile, Tessa allows her children to make decisions at an early age but makes sure that they have proper guid-ance.

Now that Mother’s Day is in less than a week, how do Marixi and Tessa plan to spend the day? Marixi says that her daughters, Tessa and Sandy, always take care of Mother’s Day plans. She reminds them that they’re also already mothers, but they still take time to make the day special for her.

Now, moms, we hope you have been inspired by these strong and hardworking ladies and mothers. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the joys of motherhood – whether you’re a full-time mom or a working mom. Celebrate it, too, with the person who loved you at every moment of the day and molded you into the person you are today, your own mom (she’s now a lola, too)! Have a wonderful and loving Mother’s Day, Super Moms!

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