Finding the right hobby to get your hands on this quarantine

WATCH: We went out to find new quarantine hobbies so you don’t have to

Let’s face it: Lockdown hasn’t exactly been a vacation for women. While both sexes were busy attaining that impossible work-life balance in a perpetual work-from-home setup, women—especially working parents—had to wrestle with domestic responsibilities and the burden of emotional labor, all while maintaining a facade of normalcy for the always-on-cam meetings.

The one-year anniversary of quarantine also falls on what could be a good break for Filipinas—not that it is a non-working holiday, but still—National Women’s Month.

Other than celebrating the strength, beauty and wit of women, let this month, be a celebration of the things that kept the ladies grounded: empowerment through self-care and self-improvement through the pursuit of new hobbies.

In Shopstream Episode 8, lifestyle influencer Ira Denise Oyco-Millare explored these themes through a shop-through at SM Aura Premier just in time for Women’s Month. Watch the full episode here.

Love your self(-care)

What kept most of us from fully giving in to sweatpants and no-bath days is the possibility of our co-workers seeing us at our worst. If there’s one upside to the continuous stream of on-cam meetings, it has pushed us to still make the effort to look put-together even if technically, we are just at home the whole time. 

There’s no denying the power of skincare, makeup and personal hygiene products to give us a sense of normalcy. The award for the best motivators in quarantine goes to our favorite makeup palette, skincare arsenal and nearly-forgotten perfumes.

LOOK at SM Aura Premier has almost everything we need to pull off a no-makeup-makeup look or an “I-still-spend-an-hour-to-do-my-makeup-in-quarantine” realness. From skincare basics to personal hygiene products, LOOK has you covered with its more than 100 brands.

Meanwhile at Dior, despite the no-mask, no-entry policy, you would want to sniff all their signature perfumes. After a year of covering our noses, we deserve the smell of the most exquisite flowers with the first Maison Christian Dior perfume collection in the country. Everything is coming up roses!

Whatchu (not) doing

With time on our hands, we surely explored our abilities, passions and talents. We would wager that almost all of us tried our hands at baking and that only a handful really found that it’s for them. 

Made some scented candles? Welcome to the club! 

Keeping ourselves busy with anything but work distracted us from the barrage of bad news and the burden of figuring out how to use our newfound infinite supply of free time. 

Now, if you are looking to develop more, Frankie and Friends General Store at SM Aura Premier has everything you might need to pull off your nth self-reinvention. A knitter perhaps? Or maybe it’s time to take that sustainable lifestyle seriously beyond metal straws. 

It’s also fine if you want to stick to baking. Bakebe, the country’s first baking studio, makes this laborious activity fun and enjoyable that you might even want to bring your girlfriends, sisters or your mom.

Make the cake of your dreams with the help of Bakebe’s baking packages. No bad batches here, only good bakes and fun memories.

Who run the world? Women

While you’re at it, help out a fellow girl boss by supporting women-run businesses at The Women at Work Pop Up Market. 

Catch clothing, lifestyle and beauty brands at the upper ground floor atrium until Mar. 31, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

#WomenSupportingWomen is in partnership with UN Women, We Empower Asia, the European Union, Great Women Project and Philippine Commission on Women.

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