LIST: Ways to improve your quarantine life

It’s a click or miss world we live in

If you’re like me, someone who hasn’t left the house in almost a year— a privilege I’m truly grateful for—then you’ve pretty much moved your entire life online and on your phone or computer. How did I survive over 10 months at home without ever stepping foot outside? Well, that’s what I’m here to discuss:

Online bills payment

Even before quarantine, paying bills was always a pain. Obviously, staying at home has its drawbacks such as higher electricity and water bills, but health and safety has always been my top priority, and online bills payment is so much faster, easier and soooo much safer. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Bills payment from Globe


A payment that doesn’t make me want to rip my face out is GCash. GCash has been my partner in crime for indulgences (other than my sister). Knowing that I barely need to interact with anyone other than a quick “thank you” after getting my Shopee package is a dream come true for a paranoid woman who has probably lost her social skills. I know retail therapy is far from an ideal coping mechanism but I’ve been stuck at home for almost a year so cut me some slack. Moreover, you can even load your BPI and Metrobank credit card for online stores that don’t accept GCash though, trust me, most do. Now if you’re an impulse buyer, you might want to think through your intended purchases because of how fast transactions are.

GCash app from Globe

Food Promos

Staying at home for almost 11 months, I’ve found out there’s only so much you can cook and learn to cook while juggling work, chores and pet care. Hence, I resort to online delivery. Lucky for me, there are promos available that help reduce those feelings of guilt brought about by those finger-licking pleasures. Subscribing to Booky has been a cravings and money saver as I live with my sister, so you best know that buy 1 take 1 promos are our holy grail.

Booky subscription from Glob

Online Streaming

Okay, this is kind of a no brainer but online streaming is my key to de-stressing and forgetting that I have been locked up at home. Other than Shopee and food deliveries, Netflix has been another great contributor to my sanity during this house arrest-like lifestyle. Workout videos, travel and lifestyle vlogs, online concerts and movies, among many other streamable content, have allowed me to continue enjoying the outside activities I used to enjoy freely. There’s also HBO Go if you’re a fan of hits like “Sex and the City,” “Succession,” and “Game of Thrones.”

Netflix subscription from Globe

Phone applications

On days when bingeing on delivery and TV shows make me feel guilty, I like to turn to phone apps that help improve my lifestyle. Want to learn how to cook?  Play the piano? Learn digital drawing? Just search in the app store and I guarantee, you will find one specifically made for that. Taking up a new hobby is easy when a variety of phone applications are at your disposal.

Video calls

Last but not the least, video calls. Sometimes we need a change of scenery, or in this case, change of company. Other than your precious cat whose presence is always welcome, having video calls with people you don’t see everyday is a great way to stay in touch and avoid cabin fever. I, myself, used to hate calls and video chats but this pandemic changed all that. Now I’m constantly bothering my best friend to answer my video calls just to keep me company as I work. So take this chance to rekindle your relationship with others because chances are, they’re also missing you.

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