Step aside, quarantine bangs—we’re going for the mullet

Contrary to popular (and heteronormative) belief, even girls can rock this hairstyle

Depending on how long you’ve been around, a mullet is either just another fact of life, passé like bell bottom jeans, or a throwaway gag about Billy Ray Cyrus from Hannah Montana.

…He was an actual celebrity before that show aired? Like, with a music career and everything? Huh, that was a fun little fact. Wait, bell bottom jeans are unironically in again, too? Wow, and I really thought this year was going to be less strange than the last one.

Lockdowns over the last few months have put a big ol’ pause on systems and services all over the globe while our bodies so inconsiderately keep growing hair we can’t always keep trimmed. This sparked a trend of DIY hairstyling on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok and the results haven’t always been ideal. These things are best left to pros, and if, of course, there are ways to fancify your ‘do without scissors.

This brings us to the mullet, which is definitively not a hairstyle you can achieve without the judicious use of scissors. While many mistakenly maintain that this show of grandeur peaked back in the ’80s, “Euphoria” star Barbie Ferriera and Rowan Blanchard of “A Wrinkle in Time” have proven that bold textures and defined layers look perfectly at home in 2021. Speaking of Hannah Montana, no other style icon was perhaps as instrumental in making the mullet relevant again as Miley Cyrus herself, who debuted the old-new ‘do late in 2019.

Guess that means mullets run in the family. Might be time to check old family albums to see how at-risk you are.

While any type of hair can rock it with some finesse, you generally want some thickness to highlight the punk rock vibes so it works best for those with curly or wavy hair. Don’t fret if your hair is on the finer or straight side though; there are methods and means to increase volume naturally.

Hair sprays have a bad rap for being harmful to the environment, but there are loads of newer eco-friendly ones out in the market for you to explore! For an alternative, if not era-appropriate, way of adding depth and body to your locks, careful application of hair oils can help rein in stray strands and even support some overhang for bolder, more distinct hair profiles. 

What are you waiting for? Help bring out the party animal laying dormant and tear up the living room dance floor!

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