Ian Veneracion & Iza Calzado talk “Brody & Brandy”: the miniseries we’re waiting for

Who says love has a time limit?

Are you ready for the new WeTVOriginal, romcom mini series, “B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy,” that will keep you feeling either extra single or extra lucky in love this Valentine’s Day? Well, we feel you and we’ve got some inside scoop to share from the main cast, Ian Veneracion and Iza Calzado, themselves!

Who are Brandy & Brody? 

Iza describes Brandy as “a jaded woman [passionate about her [work] and her guests.” Committed to her bed and breakfast business, she has no time for romance and has, quite possibly, already given up on love. She finds contentment in her “small but charming and full of life” B&B, which she calls home.

Sorry. I don’t mix business with pleasure -Brandy

Ian describes Brody as an outgoing, accomplished businessman with a “commitment phobia until he meets Brandy.” This fateful meeting of the two is said to be the start of the conflict that will change their lives. “It’s a conflict between love and business.” 

So, kailangan ko pa mag checkout so you’ll go out with me? -Brody

Caption: B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy Trailer

Directed by Mark Reyes and Sunshine Dizon and line produced by Sanggre Productions, the mini-series has us expecting some hard-hitting hugot lines and downright kilig moments, and wishing “sana all may business rival love story.” Based on firsthand experience, we found that the undeniable chemistry between Ian and Iza was a prelude to what to expect in this upcoming series: authentic interactions and witty retorts to satisfy that heart-fluttering comedy experience we’re hoping for this coming V-day.

What sets “B&B” apart from other Filipino romcom series? 

Romantic comedy is one of the niche genres of Philippine cinema that is often directed towards a younger audience. Similarly, heavy drama projects are often given to veteran actors. “B&B” takes the best of both worlds by creating the perfect blend of comedy and drama, narrating a “mature love story” with “many layers to the characters” while playing with the youthful and immature side of being in love. Just as Ian says, love can bring out the inner child in us. “Kapag kinikilig tayo, kinikilig tayo like a five-year old.”

Join Brody and Brandy as they navigate through the hurdles of both love and business, finding themselves and each other along the way. Whoever said that romance revolving around characters in their 40s lacks excitement is definitely in for a slap on the face with this light hearted, weekly series filled with comedic rivalry and unexpected situations between two middle-aged “B&B” owners. 

Psst. We got a spoiler but we’re not sure if we can tell you… But we will anyway, because we don’t want to be the only one up all night thinking about what this spoiler could mean:

Iza: Don’t share your business ideas and tips with a random stranger dahil lang gwapo sila.

Ian: Kahit na gitarahan at kantahan ka?


While you’re chewing on that, know that you can make your movie dates more intimate with stay at home dates and home cooked meals. 

“The safest and wisest way to spend your Valentine’s Day is to cook for your partner, set up a table in front of the TV and download the WeTV or iFlix app and watch B&B,” says Ian. “Order food [and watch] B&B. Spend time with us!,” adds Iza.

Don’t forget to download the app to enjoy this 7-part #WeTVOriginal mini series coming exclusively to WeTV Philippines and iFlix on February 14, 2021 at 7 P.M. Don’t forget to use #BandBonWeTV when sharing all the kilig and funny cat and mouse moments of business rivals, Brody and Brandy.

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