Find #LuckInLove at SM Supermalls all-year-round with these dating and gifting guide

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to time-tested formulas for dating and, of course, gifting, just ask our Shopstream Ep. 6 host travel influencer Cha Ocampo

The range of love to be celebrated all year (not just on V-Day)—from typical romantic to self-love—have expanded, but the ways to a person’s heart remain more or less the same. Yes, dating and going out is still the same-ish, we just have to don face mask and face shield all the time.

Go bring flowers, if you like the thrill (and the thankless additional burden) of booking extra early and buying them at ramped up prices. We hear flowers past their freshness (do they call them dried flowers?) are a thing now. 

For gifting, there’s really nothing wrong with sticking to time-tested formulas, like getting your significant other flowers. Date ideas like going out on a lunch or dinner date couldn’t hurt. Then when it’s time for dessert, pull out that engraved jewelry. Everyone wins, no one goes home mad.

Freediver and travel influencer Cha Ocampo went Valentine’s Day shopping at SM City East Ortigas, exploring our favorite stores and finding new takes on usual VDay ideas, from clothes to jewelry and tech to beauty, and, of course, dining.

Versatile silhouettes for everyone at Memo

Clothes are the most practical gifts, because, believe it or not, it still pays to dress up even if we’re just staying home. At Memo, clothes are versatile enough to be shared by significant others, BFFs or siblings, regardless of gender. The selection of polo shirts, T-shirts and pants are something you can take from your 9-5 WFH job to lounging in between.

Make it personal with Imono Jewelry

Not all V-Day jewelry presents have to be committal like an engagement ring, and what’s more, they don’t have to be between two lovers. Imono bangles and rings can be personalized even for pets and their humans! Have your pet names engraved or your anniversary or you know, an emoji maybe?

Filipino food is (still) the way to one’s heart

Food is a universal love language and if you can’t cook, there’s always your favorite restaurant to the rescue. Filipino food is especially lovingly made with recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

Cha has two recommendations for a fool-proof Filipino lunch or dinner date: For Pinoy classics like crispy pata, go to Kuya J, and for beloved dishes with a twist, Mesa is your best bet.

Making strong connections with Samsung

They say communication saves relations and in the age of socially distanced relationships, this couldn’t be truer! Thanks to the advent of 5G and 5G-capable phones like Samsung’s newest flagship models Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, say goodbye to lags and hello to seamless messaging.

Take a much-needed R&R at David’s Salon

Looking good together is a conjugal responsibility; sharing self-care rituals together is a great way to bond with your partner, whether it’s BFF, significant other or close sibling. David’s Salon has all the hair products and services you could possibly think of like Brazillian Treatment (starts at P5,000); Milbon Collagen (starts at P2,000) and Permanent Color (starts at P1,980). And take home the salon experience with David’s expert products from shampoo to conditioner, and holding clay to serum.

Join Cha Ocampo as she explores SM City East Ortigas for Valentine’s Day gifts on Shopstream Episode 6.

Watch the full video here.

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