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  1. Get your dramatic friend this Romeo and Juliet shirt to remind them that love kills.
    SHIRT, H&M

2. Who says you have to wait for a guy to buy you jewelry? Get this locket and put your dog’s pic in it.

3. If your sister needs a lesson in keeping her emotions in check, this book might be a good present.
“F*CK FEELINGS” by Michael L. Bennett and Sarah Bennett, FULLY BOOKED.

4. Enjoy a sweet treat that’s colder than your ex’s heart. Get a gelati from RITA’S ITALIAN ICE. That’s your choice of Italian Ice topped with your favorite frozen custard flavor.

5. Mask those emotions (and improve your skin while you’re at it) with these. There are masks for firming, brightening, pore care, moisturizing, purifying, soothing—just take your pick.

6. Forget bad poetry. Get your dose of cheese from BAKE CHEESE TARTS.

7. Skip the ubiquitous and unoriginal bouquet of flowers. Instead, give your mom INNISFREE’S Orchid Enriched Cream, a rich anti-aging cream infused with Jeju orchids. Thanks to the orchid elixir which is a powerful antioxidant, this cream tightens, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin radiant.
Bonus: this gift won’t wilt after a few days.

8. For the serial dater, get this “Water You Doing?” tumbler from FOREVER 21. No, we’re kidding. Keep on keeping on.

9. Enjoy quality time with your barber and give your hair a little TLC at BRUNO’S BARBERS.

10. Gather your favorite single people and have a taco party at TACO BELL (it just opened in Megamall). Go for the Cheesy Double Decker, Crunchwrap Supreme or Cheesy Beef Melt Burrito (or heck, all of them). They have shareable treats too. Don’t forget the Cheesy Fiesta Potato. So good.

11. Choosing to stay in so you can avoid the hordes of couples out flaunting their love? Lounge around your home in comfort in these pretty pajamas from LA SENZA.

12. Feel like splurging? Get yourself a LA-Z-BOY. Most people call them recliners but they’re so comfy we like to think of them as eternal hugs.
Warning: you may never leave the house again.

13. Your hands and feet deserve some loving, too. Get some pampering done at TIPS ‘N TOES—go for the deluxe spa treatments.

14. Channel that angst into songwriting. Get that guitar you’ve been wanting. Takamine guitar, JB MUSIC

15. Scrub the negativity (and your dead skin) away. ROMAN BATHS SCRUBBING SALON in Megamall will scrub your body part/s of choice (elbows, underarms, back, butt, hands, feet, face), improving your blood circulation and leaving you glowing.

16. Even cynics need a little warmth. Grab a bowl of Ramen at IPPUDO. And if you have more room, maybe a pork bun, too.

17. Whoever said happiness can’t be bought is wrong. Sometimes you can buy it and it will come in a cup. HAPPY CUP, run by sisters Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonzaga, serves frappes and milk tea in different flavors. Try Cookies & Cream, our OTP.

18. Make sure you score. Book a game of basketball with your buddies and unleash your inner Steph Curry. Drop by UNDER ARMOUR first and pick up a pair of Curry 6.

19. Go on a date with your pup at THE PAW CLUB at SM by the Bay in Mall of Asia. It’s a pet (and human) cafe, grooming salon and hotel in one. There’s a full menu of food for people and plenty of dishes—pet-safe cakes, coolers, meatballs and more—for your favorite furball, too.

20. Fall in love… with lechon at ZUBUCHON. It will not break your heart.