Take A Look at The Latest Fashion Trends This 2020 in the Philippines

Have you noticed the rise of Korean-inspired outfits or minimalist bags lately? There’s no doubt about how stylish and fast-paced the Philippines is when it comes to fashion. Everyone loves to get creative and try out something new. Especially when it’s popularized by influencers, celebrities, and modern-day it girls! So what exactly are the latest fashion trends this 2020 in the Philippines?

If there’s anything that you should know about the fashion trends, it’s that it’s highly adaptable. You’ll notice how these styles and designs are completely different from one another. Let’s take a peek at the talk of the town when it comes to all things fashion. Scroll down to see what everyone’s been wearing below! Who knows, you might find something you’ll fall in love with along the way.


Korean-Inspired Fashion

The influence of Korean fashion is not dying down any time soon. This comes as no surprise! Korea has taken the Philippines by storm with its heartwarming dramas, music, food, and now, fashion. Korea has come to be one of the strongest influences for fashion in the country. And honestly, who can blame them? From classic and feminine to edgy and on-trend, individuals have been absolutely admiring the Korean-inspired wardrobe. In fact, some of the most famous names in the K-Pop industry today such as TWICE and Blackpink have been tapped by local fashion lines like Bench and Penshoppe to become their newest influencers and style icons, and people have been loving it!

When it comes to beauty tips in the Philippines, the Korean style has a way of upgrading an everyday look to the next level. By layering and mix and matching clothes, you can create a simplistic yet unique outfit. Wear your wide-legged jeans with confidence! They are a totally wearable trend this 2020! Purchase a pair from Cotton On’s versatile jean collection. Or recreate the schoolgirl look by copping some of Forever 21’s A-line skirts to pair with a button-down shirt, a loose-fitting long-sleeved top from Uniqlo and classic loafers. Lastly, it wouldn’t be your classic Korean fashion without oversized pullovers from H&M. This trend is incredibly comfortable, easy to wear, and effortless!

Women in Suits and Blazers

Whether it be a powerful statement or a welcome alternative to evening dresses, women in suits have become more of a thing this 2020 and they are absolutely rocking it! Women in suits are all the rage. And in this day and age, more people have been leveling up the way they dress at the office by taking their casual go-to’s to the next level by throwing on a blazer over their denim.

Some of the most powerful and popular celebrities and influencers have added their feminine spin to sophisticated co-ords that come in a range of fabrics, colors, and patterns as seen on social media. There’s just so much room for creativity in suiting up. And luckily, finding an eye catching set isn’t so hard. Brands like Mango, H&M, and Bershka love to switch it up with different designs. And no matter the style you decide to go with, the fit of suits on ladies looks amazing and stylish!

All Things Floral

Can we dare miss the beauty of flowers for the summer season? Say hello to the floral trend! Today, fashion contributes a mix of apparel, swimwear, clothing, and bags with printed florals. One of the biggest defining fashion trends this 2020 in the Philippines is the different floral printed ruffled tops and puffy sleeves that you can find at Dorothy Perkins! Find these in the form of a blouse, dress, jumpers, and tops. It adds a great touch of femininity to any look. For people who are opting for something subtler when it comes to florals, you can find basics made from mesh or laces with floral patterns to top with sleek bralettes from H&M!

Athletic Wear

Beyond its growing wellness culture, athletic wear is one of the fastest-growing fashion trends this 2020 in the Philippines. Biker shorts have been immensely adopted this year and the sight of it in the rounds of social media is quite apparent. Everyone’s been loving the snug fit that biker shorts have that make a great match for any top: oversized, fitted, or cropped!

More men today are also wearing joggers and baggy sweats that accentuate the leg. Adidas and Nike have been pushing out more and more trendy and stylish pieces that spread across their t-shirts, oversized hoodies, and more!

Oversized Clothing

If there’s one thing that everyone has in common these days, it’s oversized clothing! Sizing up is the new fad. Everyone is sporting this trend. And these go beyond your boyfriend tees from Penshoppe. Slouchy pieces of denim from Levi’s and slightly bigger dresses by Plains and Prints have been everyone’s go-to daily wear. It is chic, trendy, and most of all, comfortable! Who wouldn’t want to go about their day-to-day with a comfortable fit and soft coziness?


Mini Bags

While mobile phones get chunkier, shoes get thicker, and clothing gets larger, the everyday bags appear to be getting smaller. Everyone seems to be pairing a mini bag from SM Shoes and Bags with their outfits! But despite their size, it makes such a statement accessory for everyday wear. It is classy and also challenges you to bring only the essentials.


These days, no one is holding back with accessories. Barrettes and hairclips are blowing up right now and it may be a blast from the past for some. Whether you have long locks or a short bob haircut, hairclips and barrettes are ready to be worn on any hairstyle. Everyone is getting creative with mixing and matching colors and styles from the pretty hair clips from SM Accessories! It is definitely a kikay’s must-have.


The Comeback of Lip Gloss

High-shine, glowing, and dewy, lip gloss is definitely a staple in all things beauty right now. Lip gloss is highly versatile. It finishes any kind of look – full glam or the no-make-up makeup trend. It’s the simplest way to instantly pump up your lips! You might be worried about your hair sticking to your lips, but the latest formulas come in non-sticky and clean glazes.

Everyone’s been loving Heart Evangelista’s collaboration with Happy Skin. It features two glosses, Missy (mauve) and A Moment (a natural soft pink) that leaves a natural “my lips but better” glow on the lips, without the sticky feeling. It also refreshes the lips with a special cooling natural mint extract!


Chunky Shoes

The trend of chunky shoes from sneakers to sandals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is something about the chunky kick and thick-soled shoes from Nike, Adidas, and New Balance that everyone appears to be loving. It may look like you have a pound strapped to your feet, but this footwear is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. Some colors make it versatile enough to wear with anything and everything, from cropped jeans, dresses, joggers, and more!

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