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A blush isn’t just a blush anymore. These days, they’re a makeup necessity that you can’t go without. They make you look rosier and your makeup more natural.

Make sure you put on the right shade for the event you’re going to. There’s a certain finesse to picking the right tones and shades, and we’ll help you learn it.



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fresh in peached 🍑

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For morning appointments, it’s better to go with a more subdued and subtle shade. Daytime makeup is meant to enhance your natural features, so the Airblush in Peached comes highly recommended.
The shade is so easy to blend into the natural skin tone that it looks like you have a natural healthy flush. It makes you look awake and ready for the day on your brunch date.



Weddings are special days that require special makeup. The tricky part is that because you think you should look extra special, you put on extra layers of makeup. The truth is that you only need the right shades to make your features pop for a wedding.

You may have to go with a motif for your dress and lip color, but the Airblush in Razz will look good with anything. It’s a shade that plays with both red and pink tones, making a sweet, deep tone perfect to highlight your gorgeous face on a wedding.



A Girls’ Night Out or G.N.O.  is like walking a red carpet with your posse, which makes Airblush in Disco the perfect choice. Its deep red tones will make you look even more alive under the strobe lights as you spend the night bar hopping and dancing with your girlfriends.



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Airblush in doll. tomorrow. 10am 🌸

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Take a cue from your KPop idols (or bias, as hardcore KPop fans call them) and put on a blush with a baby pink tone, like the Airblush in Doll. The Korean makeup look is known for its gentle, light, and very feminine colors. Avoid wearing blush—or any other makeup product—that’s too dark to a KPop concert; otherwise, you’ll look out of place.

One thing you should look like during a KPop concert is cute. Is there anything cuter than candy-colored blush? We don’t think so.



If you’ll be spending all day under the sun, you better be ready for photos that are very well-lit. You don’t want anything too bright or too dark for your blush shades. Think: Natural. The no-makeup makeup look is your primary guide to these instances.

Airblush in Moon is a great shade to use to achieve that naturally radiant look.



Meeting your boyfriend’s family for any meal is nerve-wracking, whether it’s the first time or not. Any lunch event calls for muted makeup. While it sounds easy enough to do, it’ll be a bit of a challenge without the right shades of makeup.

Make sure to have Airblush in Biscuit in your makeup kit. It’s a unique shade that’s closer to tan than the usual red or pink. Because of its practical shade, it can add shape to your face and help contour your cheekbones, functioning as more than just a blush. The Airblush in Biscuit is also perfect for the undertones of Filipina skin.


You’ll appreciate and see the difference the right blush could make if you get to try them out on your skin. Visit a Sunnies Face branch to try out the Airblush series at SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, and SM City Cebu.