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It’s the hottest time of the year. Aside from shifting to more breathable outfits, make sure your SPF 30-protected puckers are also picture-ready by taking cues from six of this season’s leading lip trends.

Powder coated

If you’re opting for highly pigmented lips, use powder- coated lipsticks. They’re perfect for the heat as they give your lips a refined look with their bold colors, zero-shine finish, and weightless formula.


Stained with soft, blurred edges

One of 2019’s newest breakout trends, the soft and purposefully smudged lip is for those who want to look effortlessly chic, even without the messy bun to match.



Metallic tones and sparkles aren’t only for the holidays. They’re here to stay and make your summer more fun with their party-ready finish.


The new nude

Nude lipsticks are still in- season, only this time, stylists are reimagining them as a shade that’s more toned down, neutral, and natural.


French red

The bold and bright red lipstick shade, often worn by French women, would be a great complement to the dewy and glowing skin provided by humidity.


High shine

This look is not just an all-time favorite because of its glossy radiant finish. Lipsticks with high shine are also good for people with dry skin because they hydrate and moisturize.