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Makeup can do wonders for your face. With just a few simple beauty tips and tricks, you can hide imperfections and instantly change your appearance. Check out how these beauty products for your face can transform your look in no time.


Nose too big?

Getting a sharper and pointier nose is possible with the magic of makeup! By strategically contouring with highlighter and concealer, make your nose bridge more pronounced. It’s like an instant nose job without the surgery!

Sculpt and shape your nose with the Maybelline  FaceStudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick. The convenient 2-in-1 stick allows you to easily create that perfect dimensional look with just one applicator.


Eyes too small?

The first thing anyone notices about someone’s face is their eyes. Make a bold first impression and stand out with smize they can never forget. Visibly alter your eye shape with the use of makeup to create a more dramatic look.

While there are a lot of beauty products for your face that you can use, L’Oreal’s Super Liner Ultra Sharp gives the cleanest lines for a seamless effect. Pair it with pigmented shades of LA Girl’s The Nudist Eyeshadow Palette for some depth to enhance your look — and girl, you are unstoppable!


Boneless cheekbones?

Angelina Jolie perhaps has the most unmistakable features in Hollywood, thanks in part to her prominent cheekbones. Contouring with makeup lets you achieve that striking look without having to undergo surgery or getting pricey injectable fillers.

With Nichido’s Contour Palette, easily shape and highlight your face to get those perfect cheekbones. Make your face look slimmer and let the apples of your cheeks pop out!


Dull pouts?

Makeup maven Kylie Jenner shook the beauty world with her iconic and signature pouty lips. Her picture perfect look is especially stunning when she flaunts her alluring lips.


Thin lips? No problem! Get the look of fuller lips by first applying a foundation or concealer as a base, then follow with overlining your lips using a smear-proof lippie that complements your skin tone.

Happy Skin has a variety of lip products from matte and liquid lippies to lip tints and lip gloss. The Shut Up & Kiss Me plus the Love Marie Cooling Lip Gloss combo would give you the lips even Kylie would approve of.


Unimpressive bone structure?

People who have a rounder face know the struggle of not having a stronger jawline. There’s a simple solution to that! With the simple swish of a blush brush, you can add definition to your chin and jaw to create a more angular face shape.

The convenient EB Pro Cheek Set by Ever Bilena can help you sculpt and define your bone structure. The “trio” refers to the contouring, blushing, and highlight powders of the set. When applied correctly, the makeup creates an illusion of light and shadow, giving your face a little lift.


Save a ton on possible beauty enhancement treatments and methods with the use of makeup. May these tips and beauty products for your face help your features pop and let your good looks shine.